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The Miracle Cure

Water can cure most of what ails you....who ever thought a medicine could be so abundant or cheap?!

Mother Nature provides most of what we need to live a healthy life and heal. Our job is to take what she offers and use it appropriately to live a full, healthy life. Water is the prime example; most of us are not drinking enough of it. This has lead to dehydration becoming the primary cause of most illnesses.

WHY WE NEED WATER: Water is what life is made of. Our body is 70% water. Our brain is 85% water. Our blood is 90% water. The liver, which filters out our toxins, is 96% water. In short, our body needs water to function. We breathe out about a litre of water each day. We need water to sweat, urinate, have bowel movements, filter out toxins and breathe. Each cell in the body is both composed of and immersed in water. When your water intake is low, cells begin to shrivel - similar to dehydrated fruit. A shriveled cell cannot function the same as a fully-hydrated cell. A well-hydrated cell is better able to accept nutrients. These nutrients help the cell function optimally and keep it free of waste products.

Signs of dehydration include: Headaches, Fatigue, Poor concentration/memory loss, Allergies, Skin problems, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Constipation, Kidney stones, Wrinkles, Diabetes, Immune problems, Joint problem, Pain and the list goes on...

HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? The amount of water you need to be hydrated depends on a few different factors: your body weight, activity level and the temperature are all factors. Those who consume caffeine or alcohol, are pregnant or breast feeding, live in warm climates or have conditions such as diarrhea have an even higher need. In general, your body weight in pounds multiplied by 0.55-0.75 (the higher number for active people) is the number of ounces in water you need to consume per day.

DO OTHER BEVERAGES COUNT? No. Your body needs pure water. Other beverages confuse the body by introducing components such as sugar and caffeine that need to be dealt with. By drinking pure water, your body begins to hydrate immediately. Ideally, your only beverage is water.


Start with 2 glasses when you wake.

Always keep a bottle of water in your hand.

Drink water while waiting at red lights

Have a trigger...every time the phone rings.

Add a slice of lemon or cucumber.

Drink between meals to optimize digestion.


HOW CAN I HELP? It sound overwhelming but by getting you on the path to a healthier life, you will start to crave water!

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