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Liquid Candy - Sickness in a Can


The carbonation in all soft drinks (and even carbonated water) causes calcium loss in the bones through a three-stage process:

1. The carbonation irritates the stomach.

2. The stomach ‘cures’ the irritation with the only antacid it can, calcium from the blood.

3. The blood replenishes its calcium supply (so muscles and your brain can continue to function) by taking calcium out of the bones.

Phosphoric acid, another component of soft drinks, also causes a depletion of calcium. As a result of the carbonation and the phosphoric acid, you end up with weak and brittle bones which leads to poor growth, osteoporosis and bone breaks.


If that sounds like the type of life you’d like to live...keep drinking your soft drinks. Besides the damage to your bones, the chemical-laden beverages have many other pit falls. Here are just a few:

Sugar: Liquid sugar is quickly carried to the bloodstream. In these high amounts it signals the pancreas to go into overdrive. This pumps out as much insulin as it can to try and prevent nerve damage. The jolt of insulin causes your body to reduce the testosterone in the bloodstream, and to depress further production of it. Since testosterone is the hormone that controls the depositing of calcium in the bones, your body stops adding calcium to the bones. This jolting of insulin in your body leads to diabetes...which sets up a whole host of other problems in the body. Just one tablespoon of sugar decreases your resistance to bacteria and viruses (and lots of other bugs) for about 24 hours. Take into consideration that most soft drinks have at least 10 times this amount and you can imagine that you will be a cold and flu target after just one can.

Sodium Benzoate: This additive has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA in a cells' mitochondria. The mitochondria consumes oxygen to give you energy and if you damage it, the cell starts to malfunction. Diseases tied to damaged DNA include Parkinson’s disease and can accelerate the aging process.

No nutritional content: You get nothing good out of drinking a soft drink. It contains no nutrients and is high in calories and sugar. Studies show a strong link between soft drink consumption and obesity.

Tooth Decay: Studies show a direct link between tooth decay and soda. Not only does the sugar cause cavities, but the acids in soda etch off tooth enamel. Acid can begin to dissolve tooth enamel in only 20 minutes. Dentists are reporting complete loss of the enamel on the front teeth in teenaged boys and girls who habitually drink sodas.

Caffeine: Caffeine stimulates the adrenal gland without providing the nourishment it needs. In large amounts, caffeine can lead to adrenal exhaustion. This will hamper your body’s ability to deal with stress and deplete your energy further. Colas contain 35 to 38 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can. Diet colas often contain a lot more.

Aspartame: This is a potent brain and nervous system toxin and disrupts hormone levels. This topic is a newsletter on it’s own!

Citric Acid: This may contain traces of MSG, which is another potent brain toxin. The artificial flavors found in soda may also contain traces of MSG. Acidity: Drinking sodas can upset the fragile, acid-alkaline balance of the stomach, creating a continuous acid environment. This prolonged acid environment can lead to inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining, which can be quite painful



The Naturopathic approach is based on identifying and treating the underlying cause rather than masking symptoms. Soft drinks are an often over looked cause of many health issues. In some cases, the road to better health is simply the removal of the offender. In other cases the body has cravings or an addiction to the soft drinks. Naturopathic approaches such as nutritional counselling, homeopathy and acupuncture can help address these issues to make the transition easier. Another issue that Naturopathic treatments would address is the long term deficiencies soft drinks have caused in the body. An example of this would be the calcium that is now missing from the bones. Your Naturopathic Doctor would be able to find an appropriate way for you to replenish the lost calcium as well as work on reversing the damage that has already been caused. Not everyone can cut the soft drink habit on their own. Naturopathic medicine can help ease this transition with individualized treatment. You’ll be feeling better than ever in no time!

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